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No-contact/Self-guided Tours


There is no charge or obligation to apply. An early application date gives you priority.

We are open 7 days a week by appointment. Submit your no-charge application online.


1. Vacant apartments may be available for immediate occupancy. Vacant and available units may be viewed by approved applicants on a no-contact/self-guided basis with a prior appointment.

2. To pick-up self-guided tour instructions and directions come to the amber apartments RENTAL OFFICE 380 N. Crooks Rd. (2 blocks N. of 14 Mile, east side) Clawson, MI 48017-3005.


See online up-to-date Rental Availability List indicating the size, style, location, rent, re-clean fee, security deposit, move-in date, and special features for all apartments listed for re-rental.


If you are interested in a future availability, approved applicants may also view any vacant apartments that have already been rented but not yet occupied as examples of possible future availabilities.


If someone with an earlier priority rents the Amber Apartment you are interested in, check our website for updates to the Rental Availability List in a few days for unexpected availabilities or cancellations.


With an approved application on file, if you decide to rent an Amber Apartment, here is how the money is handled:
    1. The security deposit is fully refundable following move-out if all conditions of the Rental Agreement are observed. The security deposit is paid when the Rental Agreement is written.

    2. The re-clean fee (not refundable) covers re-cleaning the apartment after you move. Pay the re-clean fee when the Rental Agreement is written.

    3. Rent includes the first full month, plus the prorated days of a partial month, if any. Rent is paid when you pick up your keys.


This is an example of a typical Amber Apartment rental:
    1. Rent $965 (first month)
    2. Security Deposit $400 (refundable)
    3. Re-clean Fee $125 (non refundable)
    4. TOTAL $1,490 prior to move-in


Monday - Thursday 9 - 6
Friday 9 - 5
Saturday 9 - 4
Sunday 10 - 4

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