Apartments In Royal Oak Michigan

It's not often that you can find the best of both worlds when choosing a place to live. Either you get all the benefits of a big city: arts, culture, and recreation, or you get the advantages of a small town: safety and a close-knit community. The beauty of living in Royal Oak, Michigan, is that you don't have to choose.

Royal Oak, Michigan is a small town with big-city sensibilities. Without leaving Royal Oak, you can enjoy the many restaurants, art galleries and the night life and cultural offerings that this vibrant suburb offers.

Locate Apartments in Royal Oak, Michigan

Locating an apartment is simple. With over 27 locations, featuring a variety including studio apartments and lofts to three-bedroom townhouses, Amber Properties Company can find the right fit for you, with styles that could only be called eclectic in and around Royal Oak, Michigan. Amenities range from the basic to luxurious.

Contact Amber Properties Company for more information, visit the Rental Office any day of the week to view vacant units and for those with an approved application on file, join one of the Open House tours every Sunday from 1pm-4pm to see still-occupied available untis.